No access to PRO

Please check your plan #

Please check if you are logged in and if your PRO plan is active. You can check your plans here: Subscription. As long as your payment is incomplete, you don’t have access to PRO.

Please check if you have multiple accounts #

Some users have registered more than one account. As these accounts are not connected to each other, only one of them has the active pro subscription. If you think that you might have more than one account, please search the inboxes and archives of your email addresses for “coamaker”. This way, you can find out if you have registered with more than one account.

You can reset the password for your each account here:

Log out and log in again #

Refresh the data in your browser by logging out and logging in again.

Contact #

If the problem persists, please write a message to  and we will check what’s going on as soon as possible.