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3 votes
Image Hover Descriptions

There needs to be descriptions as a hover feature. Often when looking through the various artwork and images, I want to know what something is and I can only determine by adding it. Each image already has tags that are used for search, they just need to be visible on hover.

4 votes
Add More Middle Eastern Imagery

They should add more middle eastern and in general, Asian and African imagery, for example Zulu, Chinese, and ancient Egyptian , like pyramids, cow shields, Han Emperor hats, hamsa's, the Kaaba, Pahlavi crown, Arabic prince hats, and more

5 votes
Pennant Flags

Triangular flags like pennons would be pretty nice.

4 votes
Double Border with Lilies

A Charge for quarters, such as the double border with lilies embellished on the Royal Standard of Scotland. We have this already integrated on to a shield, but not in square form. This would allow the border to be placed in a shield’s quarter, as seen in the British and Scottish Coat of Arms.

4 votes
More Islamic and Jewish imagery

They should add more Islamic and Jewish imagery because they have ~10-15 different crosses, and they only have 1 Islamic crescent moon, and a Hannukah candelabra, along with a sort of Star of David. Then they also should add stuff like Onion hats, Islamic swords, maybe some of the prophets seals, and another feature vote …

More Islamic and Jewish imagery Read More »

2 votes
lower shield field

while shield are diveded in half their should be one with teh division lower to teh bottm as to allow for a base

5 votes
Air Force style eagle

Eagle with wings spread like in the RAF, RAAF, or any other Air Force.

3 votes

Different types of clocks or at least one clock would be nice. Clocks represent time and have been around for a long time.

9 votes
Like and save designs

You can like and save designs. The number of likes will be displayed for a design. Saved designs will be displayed in your user profile.


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