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4 votes

Campfire or flames

1 vote
More Bot Features

Create more bot/AI features, such as generating color combos, generating ideas by color combo, etc

16 votes
More Botanicals

Specifically ash branches, flowers such as marigolds, tulips, and primroses, and some herbs

7 votes

Human legs and feet, as found in e.g. the manx coat of arms (both whole leg and individual foot)

23 votes
Coat of arms on flags

Add a new feature allowing you to put your coat of arms onto a flag

6 votes
Specify the name generator by cultures

Just as the title says, the name generators currently available are lack of function to let users choose a style of a certain culture and get the names they want. For example, a Deutsch City / Town generator would follow the rules of German toponymy such as Altdorf, Boegenhafen, Oestmark etc.

18 votes
More Animals

I think CoaMaker should add more animals like dogs, lions, wolfs, tigers, and more designs of bears.

13 votes
More Chinese Symbolism

In CoaMaker, there is barely any Chinese, and really far eastern symbolism, like white elephants from Thailand, or the lion that is on the Mughal/Persian flag, the Pahlavi crown, Peacock throne (oversimplified it would be too hard to draw the peacock throne), and of the like.

How to suggest new symbols and features

As someone with an active PRO license, you can suggest new symbols and features. And. you can upvote the requests of fellow users.

Be Specific

The more specific your request is, the more likely it will be implemented.


Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to CoaMaker.

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