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7 votes

Comet as a charge.

9 votes
More skulls

Skulls are cool, skeleton supporters would be nice. It would really tickle my funny bone. I'd find it humerus. Grow some spine and give us some skellies. Throw me a bone here.

7 votes
Add a nautilus charge

The nautilus is a frequent charge throughout heraldic periods. Please consider adding.

10 votes
Higher chevron

Could there be a chevron that sits a bit higher? Similarly to the quarterly chevron.

10 votes
Saint George the Dragon Slayer

Please ad symbols for Saint George the Dragon Slayer like the one in the CoA of Moscow or like the design from the old british crown silver coins: https://www.chards.co.uk/media/blog/496/1935-crown—reverse.jpg

How to suggest new symbols and features

As someone with an active PRO license, you can suggest new symbols and features. And. you can upvote the requests of fellow users.

Be Specific

The more specific your request is, the more likely it will be implemented.


Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to CoaMaker.

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