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20 votes
Add Byzantine imagery

I would like to add more Byzantine and Roman imagery as I see many people redesigning that COA and having to resort to complicated combinations.

18 votes
Add More Middle Eastern Imagery

They should add more middle eastern and in general, Asian and African imagery, for example Zulu, Chinese, and ancient Egyptian , like pyramids, cow shields, Han Emperor hats, hamsa’s, the Kaaba, Pahlavi crown, Arabic prince hats, and more

20 votes
Pennant Flags

Triangular flags like pennons would be pretty nice.

17 votes
More Islamic and Jewish imagery

They should add more Islamic and Jewish imagery because they have ~10-15 different crosses, and they only have 1 Islamic crescent moon, and a Hannukah candelabra, along with a sort of Star of David. Then they also should add stuff like Onion hats, Islamic swords, maybe some of the prophets seals, and another feature vote […]

11 votes
Please Add More Turkic Imagery (Please Read On)

This request would allow for a broad range of people to be served. -As the Turkic people are Traditionally Muslims, allowing for more Islamic Historical imagery items such as Curved swords (such as Saladin’s), Timurid Helmets and Ottoman Onion Hats for example. Also quite importantly being the Horse Bow, very well known for being the […]

8 votes
Air Force style eagle

Eagle with wings spread like in the RAF, RAAF, or any other Air Force.

8 votes

Different types of clocks or at least one clock would be nice. Clocks represent time and have been around for a long time.

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