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8 votes

please add Kamon symbols from japan to charges

10 votes

Please Mermaid Symbols in to Charges

8 votes
Wheat Wreath

please add to charges a couple of wheat wreath, like these from communist coats of arms.

20 votes
More Crowns & Swords please

please also the Hungarian royal crown and the crown of Vlad Dracul and the ancient Egyptian khopesh sword

6 votes
Please Mongolian & Corean Symbols

Unfortunately I can’t find any Mongolian or Korean symbols at all. It would be nice to have Mongolian helmets, for example

6 votes
Please more ancient egyptian symbols

More ancient Egyptian symbols please, for example, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Anubis, Osiris, Hathor, Sobek, Horus, Amun, Aten and Isis.

6 votes
Aries Shield Holder

please an aries shield holder, preferably the same as in the coat of arms of british columbia the province from canada the aries is very stylish

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As someone with an active PRO license, you can suggest new symbols and features. And. you can upvote the requests of fellow users.

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Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to CoaMaker.

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