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12 votes
The eagle of the royal standard of Spain 1492 - 1508

If you copy-paste the title above to google, you will see a beautiful black eagle which was used, as one may guess, on the spanish coat of arms for several years. It means a lot to me as a spanish person, and represents a deep history for us and our country. Would love to see […]

15 votes
More catholic charges and imagery

It would be very nice to see more christian symbols in COAmaker, seeing especially the massive impact of Christianity on Europe. I would be very very happy to see an icon of Saint George on horseback with a spear (maybe not slaying the dragon, as the ommission of the dragon would allow for the charge […]

2 votes
Twenty-four inch gauge charge

The twenty-four inch gauge (or two-foot ruler) was among the first tools used in quarries. It helped mark out lines on stone, allowing a worker to chisel and free the stone from bedrock.

5 votes

The gavel symbolizes authority, order, and discipline

4 votes
A square measurement tool charge

A square is a tool used for marking and referencing a 90° angle, though mitre squares are used for 45° angles.

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Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to CoaMaker.

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