Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by coats of arms and heraldry in general. My fascination intensified over the years as I started playing fantasy games like The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge) and Warhammer–and when I was studying history.

Unfortunately, my skills with pen and paper have never been the best. Thus, I soon started to trace coats of arms by hand. I took two chairs, put a glass door of my sideboard between them and a bright lamp underneath. The pre-LED lamp turned super hot after a short time, but I could assemble all the heraldic elements I wanted to combine.

Fortunately, over the years I have discovered that I have some talent for programming and for vector graphics. The result is the coat of arms generator you find on this site – and which you can use for free (without disassembling your sideboard). You can choose whatever shields, charges, and colors you like and build your very own custom coat of arms.

As with all great things, this heraldry generator is standing on the shoulders of giants–and two of them in particular: The core of the graphic tool was developed by Anton and is called Polotno. The other giant is Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, who published “A Complete Guide to Heraldry” in 1909. I have vectorized and colorized several hundreds of his famous heraldry artworks so that you can use my adaptations to create classical looking blazons and family crests easily by yourself. These elements are all available in the free version of CoaMaker. Every month, we add new, genuine artwork which you can enjoy with CoaMaker PRO—along with other features like adding texts, uploading your own images, and saving your creations for later editing.

Without further ado: Please try the blazon generator. If you like it, share your creations, don’t forget to tag or link this website, and spread the word. I am super excited about what you will create!

Have fun,