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11 votes
Add Germanic Shields

A common shield design in medieval German COA's was to have a curved or scalloped top, inward curved cutouts on the sides and a somewhat rounded bottom that curves to a point in the middle. This can be seen in many Armorials from Germany. Please consider adding this shape(s) to the shield selections.

13 votes
High res graphics upload

Please consider increasing the size limitations for uploading artwork. The high res exports of coamaker are really good but sometimes quality suffers a little due to not being able to upload high res graphics to use in your coa.

10 votes
Online Browser Game

What do you think about a multiplayer online browser game in which you can play a family that can start companies, orders, and academies and come to power in its region? Would you prefer a more historical or more fantastical setting? Each family, company, city, realm, etc. would have its own coat of arms that […]

24 votes
Add Byzantine imagery

I would like to add more Byzantine and Roman imagery as I see many people redesigning that COA and having to resort to complicated combinations.

20 votes
Add More Middle Eastern Imagery

They should add more middle eastern and in general, Asian and African imagery, for example Zulu, Chinese, and ancient Egyptian , like pyramids, cow shields, Han Emperor hats, hamsa’s, the Kaaba, Pahlavi crown, Arabic prince hats, and more

21 votes
Pennant Flags

Triangular flags like pennons would be pretty nice.

17 votes
More Islamic and Jewish imagery

They should add more Islamic and Jewish imagery because they have ~10-15 different crosses, and they only have 1 Islamic crescent moon, and a Hannukah candelabra, along with a sort of Star of David. Then they also should add stuff like Onion hats, Islamic swords, maybe some of the prophets seals, and another feature vote […]

11 votes
Please Add More Turkic Imagery (Please Read On)

This request would allow for a broad range of people to be served. -As the Turkic people are Traditionally Muslims, allowing for more Islamic Historical imagery items such as Curved swords (such as Saladin’s), Timurid Helmets and Ottoman Onion Hats for example. Also quite importantly being the Horse Bow, very well known for being the […]


How to suggest new symbols and features

As someone with an active PRO license, you can suggest new symbols and features. And. you can upvote the requests of fellow users.

Be Specific

The more specific your request is, the more likely it will be implemented.


Symbols that are used by far-right groups and/or are forbidden in Germany, won’t be added to CoaMaker.

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