06/18/24 – Fixed: HD export sizes can now be selected when the format is chosen. You can switch to HD whenever you like in PRO, the design will adjust. As letter size formats are HD by default, the export produced an empty file when HD export was selected in addition.

03/12/24 – Website was migrated to a much larger and faster server. This step was necessary because of the large number of users.

03/03/24 – Fixed fleur-de-lis and tressure shields that had been lost during an update.

02/15/24 – Fixed: When a user design had a special character, the endless load in the user artwork gallery broke.

02/08/24 – Added: Saved designs can be organized in folders. The folder can be private or public.

01/17/24 – Changelog added. Smaller updates will be posted here, larger changes will be posted here and in the Updates.

01/12/24 – Curved motto banners added

01/12/24 – “Curve Text” feature added. Find it in PRO: Tools -> Text -> Curved

01/04/24 – 11 new motto banners and compartments added

12/06/23 – All colors have been replaced to a new CoaMaker default color palette

11/29/23 – Random coat of arms generator added

11/23/23 – New Save Panel that opens Saves in a Popover