Basic Functions

Add an Element #

You can add every element to the canvas by clicking the element in the left side panel.

Remove element #

To remove an element, select it on the canvas so that has a bright blue frame around it. Then hit delete or backspace on your keyboard.

Alternatively, you can select the element and click the trash button above the canvas.

You can delete multiple elements at once.

Change color #

When you select an element on the canvas, two to five color fields appear above the colors. Click on a field and the color picker pops up.

Each field represents one of the colors of the element (up to five are possible). When you assign a new color, all parts of the elements change which have the former color switch to the newly selected one.

In addition, you can pick every other color in the large colors field or add a hexcode for your color.

The colors you have used last will be stored in the color picker. They will be overwritten if you pick new colors.

With the transparency slider you can set parts of elements to be opaque or make them invisible. This is especially helpful creating complex divisions by putting multiple shields on top of each other. 

Search and Find an Element #

The elements in CoaMaker are structured in Sections and Tabs. You find the Section at the left of the Side Panel. Once clicked, the Tabs of the selected Section are displayed.

The current Sections and Tabs are:

  • Shields Section, Tabs: Shields, Flags
  • Charges Section, Tabs: Animals, Plants, Objects, Humans
  • Exterior Section, Tabs: Mantles, Crowns, Supporters, Other

Instead of clicking through the navigation, you can just search an element by typing the name.

The Search Function uses English keywords. You can search for regular names and heraldic terms: The rabbits will show up if you search for “rabbit” or for “hare”.

Each element has several keywords. You can search for “mammal”, “bird”, “weapon”, “religion”, “plant”, “building”, “instrument”, “tool”, etc.

Flip an Element #

After selecting an element, you can flip it vertically or horizontally. You find the Flip Button above the canvas.

Flipping does not work when selecting more than one element at once.

Duplicate an Element #

You can duplicate (clone, copy) one or more selected elements by clicking the duplicate button which you find above the canvas.

Instead, you can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+C and Cmd+V (Mac).

Undo and Redo Changes #

You can undo and redo all actions, for example: moving an element, deleting an item, changing a color.

If you reload the page, the history is deleted and you cannot recover actions.

You find the buttons for undo and redo above the canvas.

Upload Elements (PRO) #

PRO users can upload elements to the canvas in the Upload Section. Uploaded images appear underneath the Upload Image Button.

The uploads are not stored, they are gone when you refresh the page.

You can upload vector graphics (.svg) and pixel image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png). 

Vector graphics can be re-colored in CoaMaker by using the color picker above the canvas. However, the function is limited to a maximum of five colors.

Pixel images can be formatted in different ways when you select them. In addition, you can drag and drop a pixel image to an element on the canvas and it will take its shape.

Add Text (PRO) #

With CoaMaker PRO you can add text to the canvas. You find the Text Section in the left Side Panel in the Tools Sections. 

From the Side Panel you can choose from pre-selected fonts. Once on the canvas, you can change your text to many more fonts.

At this moment, text cannot be bent. However, you can upload curved text in the Upload Section and add it to your canvas.