Heraldic Fraud: Don’t Buy a Family Crest From a “Bucket Shop”

What is Heraldic Fraud?

Heraldic fraud is the sale or use of fake or illegitimate coats of arms. This can include the sale of forged or stolen coats of arms, or the creation of fake coats of arms by individuals or businesses.

Why You Should Avoid Buying a Coat of Arms from a Bucket Shop

Bucket shops are businesses that sell products or services of questionable value or legality. In the case of a coat of arms, a bucket shop may offer to sell you a coat of arms for a fee, often claiming that it is an authentic, historic family crest.

However, buying a coat of arms from a bucket shop is a risky proposition, as there is no guarantee that the coat of arms you are purchasing is authentic or has any real meaning or significance. In fact, you may be buying a fake or illegitimate coat of arms that has been created or forged by the bucket shop.

1. Financial Risk

Bucket shops often charge exorbitant fees for their products or services, and the sale of coat of arms is no exception. In many cases, the cost of buying a coat of arms from a bucket shop far exceeds the value of the product itself.

2. Legal Risk

In some cases, bucket shops may offer for sale coat of arms that are already owned by someone else. Buying a stolen coat of arms can lead to legal problems, and you may find yourself caught up in a costly and time-consuming legal dispute.

3. Reputational Risk

Using a coat of arms that is not authentic or that has been purchased from a bucket shop can damage your reputation and credibility. Using a fake or illegitimate coat of arms can be seen as deceitful or fraudulent, and it may reflect poorly on you and your family.

Alternatives to Buying a Coat of Arms from a Bucket Shop

If you are interested in obtaining a coat of arms, there are several alternatives to buying one from a bucket shop.

1. Research Your Family History

If you are interested in obtaining a coat of arms that is specific to your family, it is important to research your family history. This can help you determine if your family already has a coat of arms, and it can also give you a better understanding of your family’s history and heritage.

2. Contact a Heraldic Authority

Heraldic authorities are organizations that are recognized by the College of Arms, the official heraldic authority in the UK. These organizations can help you research your family history and determine if your family has a legitimate coat of arms.

3. Create a Personal Coat of Arms

If you are unable to find a legitimate coat of arms for your family, you can create your own personal coat of arms. This can be a fun and creative way to celebrate your heritage and identity, and it allows you to design a coat of arms that is meaningful and significant to you.

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