50 English Mottos for Family Crests

Only a few things can display the values of a family as well as the motto of a family crest. Here are our 50 favorites for your family’s coat of arms.

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No. Mottos for Family Crests
1 “Love, laughter, and family forever.”
2 “Together, we are unstoppable.”
3 “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.”
4 “Strength in numbers, joy in unity.”
5 “A family of love, laughter, and support.”
6 “In our family, love always wins.”
7 “Our bond is unbreakable.”
8 “Unshakeable in purpose.”
9 “Honor and tradition.”
10 “Courage in the face of danger.”
11 “Deeds, not words.”
12 “Always ready, always willing.”
13 “The strength of many, the courage of one.”
14 “Family is where love grows.”
15 “A legacy of honor.”
16 “Honor, courage, and duty.”
17 “Prosperity through diligence.”
18 “The bond of family is unbreakable.”
19 “A family united, a force to be reckoned with.”
20 “Our family, a team of love and support.”
21 “Loyalty, courage, and honor.”
22 “A family that works together, prospers together.”
23 “A strong family, a strong foundation.”
24 “Steadfast and true.”
25 “Equality and justice for all.”
26 “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.”
27 “The family that plays together, stays together.”
28 “Honor, loyalty, and integrity.”
29 “Dedication and perseverance.”
30 “A family built on love and respect.”
31 “The strength of the family is the foundation of the nation.”
32 “Honor, bravery, and sacrifice.”
33 “We always have each other’s backs.”
34 “The power of unity.”
35 “The family that fights together, triumphs together.”
36 “From humble beginnings, great things are achieved.”
37 “A family of warriors.”
38 “A family bound by blood and honor.”
39 “A bond that cannot be broken.”
40 “The family that serves together, thrives together.”
41 “Honor, integrity, and loyalty.”
42 “United in strength.”
43 “Fortune favors the bold.”
44 “A family that stands together.”
45 “In unity, there is strength.”
46 “From strength comes victory.”
47 “Boldly forward, never backward.”
48 “Forged in fire, tempered by honor.”
49 “Love prevails”
50 “Love and acceptance”

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