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In this blog, you’ll find articles on the history and symbolism of heraldry, as well as tips on how to design your own coat of arms. We hope that this introduction has sparked your curiosity and that you’ll join us on this journey through the world of heraldry. Happy reading!

What Do Lions Mean in Heraldry?

Lions are a common symbol in heraldry, and they have a rich and fascinating history as a heraldic motif. But what do lions mean in heraldry? The lion is a powerful and majestic animal, and it has long been associated with strength, courage, and nobility. In heraldry, the lion is

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How To Use Heraldry in Worldbuilding

Are you an aspiring fantasy author or a worldbuilding enthusiast looking to add some depth and authenticity to your creations? Heraldry might be just the thing you need! Heraldry is a system of identifying and displaying coats of arms and other insignia. It has a long history dating back to

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Is Heraldry Still Used Today?

The answer is a resounding yes. While it may not be as prominent as it once was, heraldry is still very much a part of our society and is used by countries, cities, businesses, schools, and even individuals to symbolize their identity, heritage, and values. One of the most famous

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What Are the Parts of a Coat of Arms?

This article explains and shows the parts of a coat of arms, the common term for heraldic achievements. The parts of a coat of arms are: The Shield or Escutcheon The escutcheon is a shield that displays the coat of arms.  The escutcheon is the most important part of any

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