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In this blog, you’ll find articles on the history and symbolism of heraldry, as well as tips on how to design your own coat of arms. We hope that this introduction has sparked your curiosity and that you’ll join us on this journey through the world of heraldry. Happy reading!

What Types of Heraldry Do Exist?

Heraldry is the practice of designing and displaying coats of arms and other insignia. It has a long and fascinating history, and there are many different types of heraldry to explore. Here are just a few of the different kinds of heraldry that you might encounter: If you’re interested in

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Where Do Family Crests Come From?

Family crests, also known as coats of arms, are a symbol of heritage and identity that have been used by aristocratic families for centuries. These heraldic symbols, which typically consist of a shield, helmet, and crest, are emblazoned with various designs and colors that represent the history and values of

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How To Build an Exotic Heraldry System

Are you interested in creating your own unique and exotic heraldry system? Look no further! In this article, we will explore how to create an exotic heraldry system that reflects the values, beliefs, and culture of your fictional world or organization. What is Heraldry? Heraldry is the use of symbols

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How To Create a Coat of Arms for a School

A coat of arms is a design that consists of a shield, crest, and motto, and it is used as a form of personal identification and family symbolism. Coats of arms are often accompanied by other symbols such as animals, plants, and colors, and these symbols have specific meanings that

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What Is Ecclesiastical Heraldry?

Ecclesiastical heraldry is the use of heraldic symbols and designs in the context of the Christian Church. It is a branch of heraldry that is focused on the use of heraldry by religious institutions, such as churches, monasteries, and cathedrals. In this article, we will explore the history and significance

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What Is the History of Heraldry?

Heraldry is the art and science of designing and creating coats of arms, and it has a rich and fascinating history that spans hundreds of years. From its origins in medieval Europe to its modern-day use as a form of personal identification and family symbolism, heraldry has played a significant

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What Does an Eagle Mean in Heraldry?

Eagles have long been a popular choice for heraldry, the art of designing and displaying coats of arms. These majestic birds of prey have a number of symbolic meanings, and have been used by nations, families, and individuals to represent their power, strength, and nobility. In this article, we will

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How Many Colors Can a Coat of Arms Have?

Coats of arms and family crests are colorful and intricate symbols that have been used for centuries to represent individuals, families, and organizations. One of the most striking elements of a coat of arms is the use of color, known as tinctures, which help to distinguish and identify the wearer

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What Do Colors Mean in Family Crests?

Colors have always played a significant role in heraldry, the practice of designing and displaying coats of arms and family crests. In fact, the use of colors, known as tinctures, is one of the key elements of heraldry, along with charges (symbols or figures) and ordinaries (simple geometric shapes). Each

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