Rokoko Romance – Pastel Color Palette

With our color palette Rokoko Romance you can give your family crests a smooth and elegant feeling. The Bridgerton series has made pastel colors popular. With Rokoko Romance your coat of arms will have this style. The palette focuses on reserved, bright colors. Different from most of our other templates, it has two versions of several colors: a bright one and an intense one. This way, you can create monochromatic coats of arms for fantastic settings.

The colors of the Rokoko Romance palette are Opulence, Shiny Silver, Courtly Blue, Dreamy Blue, Bold Statement, Rosy Cheek, Grande Dame, Lovely Lilac, Black Velvet, Peacock Teal, Shy Green, and Apricot Cream. The color palette is available for all CoaMaker PRO users.

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