Chinese Dragon and Middle Kingdom Color Palette

The Asian dragon is our newest addition to our heraldry maker. It comes along with the fan element and the new color palette Middle Kingdom. Chinese history and culture inspired all of them. The colors used for this coat of arms are Son of Heaven, Heavenly Blessing, Dragon Red, and Silk. The color palette Middle Kingdom makes your heraldry look East Asian and is ideal for worldbuilding and fantasy artwork.

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8 thoughts on “Chinese Dragon and Middle Kingdom Color Palette”

    1. Thank you for your thought. I respect the position you are in. Large parts of CoaMaker are free of charge. You can use hundreds of elements and most functions without spending a single dollar. That is a lot of free stuff and hundreds of people use CoaMaker for free every day.

      Please keep in mind that the PRO option is necessary for running CoaMaker. It takes hundreds of hours to develop and maintain CoaMaker. Furthermore, there are costs for software licenses, artwork, and future features.

    2. hay AH why should it be completely free, some of us do sport the generator and want it to get better over time and that can’t happen if it’s all free,

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