New Elements

Every month, we add at least eight new elements to our coats of arms generator. Which amazing family crests, emblems, and blazons will you create with them? Are you missing an element? Let us know here.

New Mantling 3

One more new helmet with mantling for even greater variety for your fantasy or family coats of arms! Exclusive to our PRO subscribers.

New Mantling 2

The new mantlings are better suited for arranging your coats of arms. As before, you can add crests, supporters etc. as you like.

New Mantling

We have started to add new mantlings to our mantling section! A lot more helmets with mantlings are coming to CoaMaker PRO.


The perfect addition for your nautical, submarine, or merfolk coats of arms: The tides have washed up the trident for all PRO users.


Support for our plant section! For all of you who like wine: You can now add grapes to your PRO coats of arms. Cheers!

Stag Rampant and Stag Head

Majestic! The Stag Rampant was requested by one of our users—and now it’s part of the PRO library of CoaMaker elements. In addition to the Stag Rampant, you’ll get the Stag Head, perfect as charge or as the crest.

Simple Coronets

Even more crown for your heads… and coats of arms! We have added coronets for petty nobility or lower nobility ranks.

Curved Noble Crown

Crown elements will be added in two shapes: in a straight shape and in a curved one. This way, you can use all crowns flexibly.

Noble Crown

We are starting to add new crown elements to CoaMaker PRO. The first one is a simple, yet beautiful noble crown. It’s a perfect start for your historical and fantasy coats of arms because a crown similar to this one indicates nobility in many countries.