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Please Add More Turkic Imagery (Please Read On)

This request would allow for a broad range of people to be served.
-As the Turkic people are Traditionally Muslims, allowing for more Islamic Historical imagery items such as Curved swords (such as Saladin’s), Timurid Helmets and Ottoman Onion Hats for example. Also quite importantly being the Horse Bow, very well known for being the prefered weapon of choice of the people of the Steppe.
-The Turkic Peoples were originally Nomadic, meaning thing such as saddles, Yurts, Falconry related stuff etc.. could be added.
-Animals are also very important to the Turkic peoples, the Turks have a legend that they are descended from wolves, the Kazakhs love Golden Eagles and the National animal of Uzbekistan is a Central Asian Desert Cat!
-These Factors could influence the creation of many new Mantles
-Another point as to why we should add Turkic imagery to just take a look at the Ottoman Coat of Arms (absolute masterpiece!)

If you haven’t guessed already I am of Turkic Origin from both parents and adding these types of imagery would not only better my personal experience but many other users’ too.

Started JTEkici shared this idea

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