Kingdom of Roth Island

Roth Island is an Island out the coast off The Coast of The British Isles and France, a combination of both cultures. The Two headed Eagle represent the spirit of the nation and the nation’s power and strength.
The Leaves represent the nature that their Island has.
The Crown Represents The King of Roth Island, Who Currently is King Clement XI
The Colors on the shield represent the colors of the flag (Green: Nature, Red: Bravery, Yellow: Happiness of The Citizens)
The Castle Represents Chateau de Fluer; the Castle That the King and his family still reside in, and also a stronghold when they were fighting the British in the war of 1669 which secured their independence.
The sun rises the to symbolize hope and a bright future where the citizens continue to innovate the nation.
And The Sword Represent The Nation’s Fighting Spirit.

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