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by sam

How a change in color can change the entire perspective of a COA.

I want to know which one of the flags (red, black, green, blue, white, purple,) looks the best, it would be in a fantasy game, for one of my players, as the flag of his country of origin

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How did you do that?


Great designs! I am excited to see what others say!

My two cents:

I like purple and black a lot because they are easily recognizable and these combinations are not found often in traditional heraldry. Blue and red with gold are classics and always look very knightly. Gold and white together are reserved for very special coats of arms (Kingdom of Jerusalem, Papal State). In your fantasy setting, you don’t have to care about it. But the association with these colors is often pure, holy, sacred. In the gold and white combination, I would keep the black lines. Otherwise, it looks a bit blurry.

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