House of Carbajal-Estrada

According to the Spanish genealogist Julio de Atienza in his Nobiliary Dictionary, the coat of arms of the Estrada surname is:

“In a field of azure (blue), three stripes of gold, with seven ermine sable (black ermine), three in the center stripe and two in the other two. The coat of arms is placed over an imperial German eagle by concession of the Emperor Frederick, in the year 1188, to Gonzalo Fernández de Estrada, after being present at the marriage ceremonies of Conrad, Frederick’s son, with doña Berenguela, daughter of King Alonso VIII of Castille”.

The field of Azure was adapted to a field of Gold with azure ermine sable. The Estrada lineage is descended from the royal House of the kingdom of Aragon. and the marriage alliance with this particular branch of Carbajal is descended from the House of King David’s father So the crown is shown with a six pointed star at the center. The azure is meant to represent the Kingdom of Israel and the Gold is meant to represent the Kingdom of Spain since the House of Carbajal Estrada is of Spanish Hebrew origin and inherits the throne of King David.

The Heraldic motto is Estrada states “I am older than Velasco, and to the King, I owe nothing.”

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