Kingdom of Aldonia

Designed by geritwo

My fantasy kingdom's coat of arms, with some tricky mantle and crown usage. I'm not sure the mural crown is the most appropriate here for a kingdom - but since we don't have a coronet, this looked the best.

Users of our heraldry generator "Coat of Arms Maker" can upload their heraldic designs, coats of arms, family crests, drawn shields, blazons, etc. for free. If any of the artwork should violate your poperty rights, please inform us so that we can remove the specific artwork as soon as possible.


1 thought on “Kingdom of Aldonia”

  1. I love how you used the mantling. My plan is to add completely separate mantling that can be used behind the shield easily. And we will add lots of crowns, too. Maybe, we can add some customization options for the crowns, too.

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