New Elements

Every month, we add at least eight new elements to our coats of arms generator. Which amazing family crests, emblems, and blazons will you create with them? Are you missing an element? Let us know here.


Let it bang! Show your strength with our new canon charge.


The elegant alternative to a sword: Let’s cross sabres!


The antique pistol is perfect for your pirate or steampunk setting!

Palm Tree

Oasis, beach, or pirate setting? The new palm tree will help you to set up your coats of arms.


Something scary for your family crests or just a sign of science: the human skull.


Symbol of the end of all life or just spooky? You decide with our new bone charges which comes solo or nicely arranged as a crossed duo.


Show your lust for adventurousness or add flavor to a steam punk setting for your coats of arms with our spyglass charge.


Whether you want to show wisdom and knowledge or add the flavor of some magic: The scroll element for your coats of arms has just arrived.