New Elements

Every month, we add at least eight new elements to our coats of arms generator. Which amazing family crests, emblems, and blazons will you create with them? Are you missing an element? Let us know here.


Eight frightening arms for your coats of arms! The kraken charge is here.


It’s cold outside. This woolly mammoth will keep you warm—and will be the start of your blazons!

Palace or Temple

The perfect home on your coats of arms: Let this palace or temple shine!

Giant Squid

Ready for Squid Games? Enjoy this monster of the seas on your coats of arms with CoaMaker PRO!

Wolf & Wolf Head

The wolfs are howling! From now on, all PRO users can use these fantastic wolves as charges or as supporters for their armorial achievements.

Polar Bear

The mighty polar bear is now available for PRO as a charge and as a supporter for your blazons and family crests. The polar bear is part of the coat of arms of Greenland!


Let your coats of arms show loyalty, love, and kindness with the new heart charge!

Snow Flakes

Let it snow: Cool down your coats of arms with these two new elements: a large snow crystal and a smaller one.


So many teeth! The shark is ready to hunt on your coats of arms.