Spider in the web: See our newest charge hunting a fly trapped in its web. This heraldic achievement is not traditional at all. But it is great to see how different the coats of arms are which our users create. Some of them follow every rule of tincture, others design beautiful pieces of art that are only loosely connected to classical heraldry. We are proud that such a diverse crowd is using CoaMaker.

Similar to a spider web is our brand new Layer Section: As a PRO user you can now easily re-order, lock, hide, and even name every item in your heraldic design. All information is stored when you save your json file to your computer which you can upload again. This makes it super easy to manage even complex coat of arms. And we are amazed how complex some of your coats of arms are.

#heraldry #spider #spiderintheweb #spiderweb #spinne #kreuzspinne #rpg #fantasyart #familycrest #vectorart #wappen #familienwappen #heraldik #blazon #emblem

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